Public servants, particularly those whom we elect to office, must be held accountable to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

“If a man cannot be trusted with the government of himself, can he be trusted with the government of others?”Thomas Jefferson

We are the party of the Constitution, the solemn compact which confirms our God-given individual rights and assures that all Americans stand equal before the law.

Republicans Believe that the United States were founded on the fundamental principle that individuals have certain rights and freedoms which cannot be infringed upon and may be restricted only to the degree necessary to preserve the rights of others.

The proper function of government is to do for the people only those things that cannot be done by individuals;

    • The money you earn is yours and that government in a free society has the right to take only as much as is needed to perform those limited functions, which are appropriate to it;
    • The traditional family and the values it fosters are the foundation of American society and their preservation is essential to our Nation’s continued success;
    • That life begins at conception and so we protect the rights of the unborn;
      Parents have the right to determine the values with which their children will be raised and to have the widest possible choice among public, private and religious schools and that competition will improve public education;
      That the free enterprise system is the most effective engine of economic progress.
    • We believe high taxes, runaway government spending, and over-regulation of business and farming punish initiative and stifle economic growth;
    • The preservation of our rights and freedoms must be entrusted to a strong national defense and of the ability of the United States to negotiate with other nations from a position of strength;
    • That all of America’s citizens can enjoy the rights and freedoms of our country without diminishing the rights of others;
      Our Mission

The role of the Putnam County Republican Party is to find and elect strong conservative leaders of character and integrity who will represent our ideals, and to spread the conservative message through education and promotion of these values we hold dear.